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Children’s Sleep Routines: Communicating with Parents

August 23, 2014 | Blog | Permalink

In my last blog article, “With Irregular Bedtimes, Children’s Learning and Behavior Suffer,” August 5th, I reported on two recent studies about the negative impact of poor sleep routines on young children’s learning and behavior. My question was, “What role should you [child care professionals] play in helping parents regarding regular bedtimes for their children?” […]

With Irregular Bedtimes, Children’s Learning and Behavior Suffer

August 5, 2014 | Blog | Permalink

Many people, both parents and educators, may think that irregular bedtimes for children is not an important issue and that it isn’t necessary for young children to go to sleep at a set time. Children’s irregular bedtimes just go with a more relaxed, flexible attitude about child rearing. Yet, two recent studies show that irregular […]